Our Services
  • Climate Change Consulting
    • Carbon Advisory-CDM/VER, Capacity Building (Carbon Credit)
    • Climate Change Mitigation & Adaption
    • REDD+
    • Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Survey
  • EIA, SIA, ESIA, IEE, EMP and Environmental Research, Food Web and Food Change of Forest and Aquatic Ecosystem (zooplankton and phytoplankton level), Lake Management, River Basin Management, Catchment Area Management, Geodatabase, GIS Analysis & Solutions, Remote Sensing Solutions, Detail Surface Solutions and Laboratory Analysis (water quality, noise, air, biological conditions and organic and inorganic matter analysis etc.,)
    • Social-economic research, various survey types including Cultural Heritage and Anthropological Survey, land uses, feasibility study, marketing surveys, program evaluations & assessments (baseline, midterm & endline assessments), environmental impact assessments (EIA), social impact assessments (SIA), social surveys (livelihoods, food security, households, public health, socioeconomic data)
  • Capacity Building and Civil Society Strengthening
    • Environment, Development, Health, Soft Skills & Hard Skills, Vocational Training (Livelihoods), Media capacity development, geographical information science (GIS), remote sensing (RS) pre-feasibility measurements and various capacity building (community development, facilitation, mobilization, project cycle management, conflict resolution, social cohesion etc.)
  • Community Development & Governance
    • Social Cohesion, Social Infrastructure, Public Consultation Workshop, Corporate Training, CSR, Livelihoods, Social Protection, Early Recovery (ER), DRR, Gender Development, Local Governance, Rule of Law, Peace & Dialogue and Anti-Corruption